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Established in 1995, specialising in the repair, servicing, design and manufacture of printed circuit boards for commercial and industrial applications.  This includes a wide range of welder and wirefeed control p.c. boards, with emphasis on WIA products.

P.C. Board Servicing 

A minimum charge of $40.00 is applied for inspection and analysis per board; this enables us to get back to you with an estimate and/or advice on the best solution.  This charge is included in final service charge and may be waived under certain circumstances.
All work is done on a “cash before dispatch” basis unless an account is prearranged.

Serviced boards carry an 8 month warranty. Exceptions to this may occur due to the design or condition of a particular board, you would be notified of this. Naturally, this warranty does not cover abuse or incorrect re-installation of the board.

All serviced boards carry a follow-up technical advisory, if you have further difficulties after refitting a serviced board, please call, and often, the problem can be solved over the phone.

P.C. Board design and manufacture

Circuits Unlimited can design, prototype, and manufacture p.c. boards to your specifications.  This may be for a new product, or to replace & upgrade obsolete electronics. Call to discuss your project in complete confidentiality.

Following, is a partial list of wirefeed control p.c. boards currently being manufactured. Click on the PCB number for details.

WIALogo CP38–10  CDT main control p.c. board
  CP38–11 CDT display p.c. board
  CP38–12   CDT wirefeed p.c. board
  CP38–52 CDT driver p.c. board
  CP27-11 & 41 wirefeed p.c. board
  CP101-10 wirefeed p.c. board
  CP42-12C wirefeed p.c. board
  CP109-12  wirefeed p.c. board
  W16–21 wirefeed p.c. board
  W16–20    wirefeed speed control p.c. board
  MC84–11 welder control p.c. board
  CP102-51   welder control p.c. board
  CP101–31 welder control p.c. board [retrofit for CP101-11]
  AM126 gas control p.c. board [option for W17 wirefeeder]
CIG CU310 wirefeed p.c. board [replaces CIG 7977310 ]  
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